How to get a cheap plane ticket

How to get a cheap plane ticket

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1. Airline Promotion

It is important to capture promotional information by receiving airline newsletters to purchase cheap tickets.

2. Delete Internet Connection History

Delete Internet access records. If you go to various sites to compare ticket prices, it is said that the Internet usage record (cookies) will remain on your PC, showing different ticket prices depending on the record. To prevent this, it is recommended to delete all Internet usage records or access them through Secret Mode.

3. Reservations 6 weeks before departure

It is generally said that the average fare for tickets will fall six weeks before departure.

4. Reservations for Tuesdays and Sundays.

On average, Sundays are the cheapest and the most sales and events are held on Tuesday, according to the survey.

5. Ticket reservations are available on the price comparison site.

It is convenient to compare millions of airlines and cheap price comparison sites such as Skycanner and Interpark Tour.


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