a new way to travel through the City

a new way to travel through the City

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a new way to travel through the City

Everyone dreams of traveling to Seoul,
You can't know all about Seoul on a short trip.
We made a month-long vacation in Jeju Island.
Enjoy Jeju without being pressed for time, relaxed and relaxed.
As I've become a Jeju person,
How about being a Seoulite this time?

I visit World Tower which is a landmark of Seoul.
It would be nice to play next to Lotte World.
I ride a bike from Hangang Park in front of me to the shared bike of Seoul.
Enjoy chicken and beer in the evening.
Also, why don't you participate in various performances at concert halls in the near distance?
Playing all night in Gangnam will be a new experience.

To make a long trip or start living in Seoul, you need a suitable residential space.
Julie, located in East Seoul, is easy to access.
Because traffic is good, if you cross Jamsil Bridge, you can go to Songpa or Gangnam-gu.
Also, there is the East Seoul Terminal right next to it.
It is easy to move to the surrounding area based on Seoul
It would be nice to have a friend to travel with in a strange city.
It's all possible at a low price, Julie.

Julie is a woman-only homestay / guest house.
You can ensure the safety and comfort of your accommodation

You can stay for a night or a long time.

26,000 won per weekday, 28,000 won on weekends.
400,000 won per month = accommodation + administrative + utility charges
Long-term accommodation is going down.

Consultation and Reservation Inquiry: 010-7595-6745


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